Welcome to Lauder and Howard

After 38 years of dealing in Perth, we have now closed our shop in FremantleWe have now moved to our new premises, 185 Campbell Street, Hobart, where we will open in the New Year. We thank our many friends and clients for your support and encouragement over the decades, with you we have built an exciting and thriving business, but it is now time to move onto the next chapter in our lives.

Lauder & Howard is a long established Australian antique business. With three decades of experience dealing in high quality antiques and fine art, Lauder & Howard are committed to finding the unusual, the beautiful and the rare.

We bring our clients fine antiques from a range of periods, styles and countries. We have diverse interests; from celery vases to sand paintings, Deco bookends to Gillows furniture,

Enjoy the ever changing range we feature on our website.