Lauder and Howard Antiques and Fine Art is pleased to present our first exhibition of new works by Andrea J. Smith

Opening Night: Thursday December 6th 6- 8pm
Then from December 7th 2018 to January 20th 2019 at our Gallery,
185 Campbell St. Hobart.

Downloadable Catalogue

Andrea is an award-winning Australian artist working in Rome.

Her Italian friends affectionately call her Persephone because she disappears every winter! Unlike Persephone however she follows the sun down to Australia! Perhaps more than co-incidental is the symbolism of Persephone’s relationship with the seasons, for not only does Andrea follow the light around the world but her still lifes feature fruit, and vegetables bought from her local seasonal market behind the Piazza Navona. Her favourite stall holders call out to her bella – buono? because some produce is crying out to be painted: bella! Whilst others are destined for her talents as a cook: buono!

Andrea’s style straddles the contemporary, minimalist, almost abstracted schools whilst using traditional objects and techniques. Painting only with natural light, she views her still lifes almost as portraits. Her portraits of local characters and friends continues the tradition of Renaissance painters of putting ordinary people in an extraordinary light.

Her work has been exhibited in Florence, Rome, New York, London, Sydney and Melbourne and hangs in major collections in the US, Italy and Australia. Her apartment, just up from the Spanish Steps, is above Canova’s last studio and her own studio is near where much of “Roman Holiday” was filmed. From these venues she has painted a series of works of rare beauty which we are thrilled to present.

‘Smith’s portraits and still lifes demonstrate a solid grounding in old master techniques. But while some contemporary traditionalists advocate isolation from the modernist legacy, she balances classical forms with elements of abstraction and emphatically vigorous paint handling” – American Arts Quarterly.

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