Spring Exhibition 2015

Exhibition opens on Saturday 31st October 2015

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  1. Monica Bergenstrom Ph.D Reply

    Are you interested to purchase a Butler Tray Table larger than on your first photo, exact the
    same style.
    It has been part of our Chesterfield group since 1980.

    Monica Bergenstrom
    951 252 3443

  2. lulou Reply

    Dear sir,

    I am interested in the guanyin in the background.
    I mean the porcelain guanyin which on a animal, could you please send me pictures in detailes???

    and what is the conditon? What is the best dealer’s price??



  3. Lesley Saunders Reply


    How much is Judy Cassab’s painting?

    Where can one view it?


    Lesley Saunders