SOLD “Leopard”  silvered spelter figure c1930


Fine French Art Deco period silvered spelter c1930
signed Rulas, by Max Le Verrier
Max Le Verrier was born in Neuilly sur Seine, near Paris in 1891, dying in Paris in 1973. From an early age he showed great promise as an artist and sculptor, and after serving in the French army during World War I, he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Geneva. During his studies in Switzerland, he met fellow sculptors Pierre Le Faguays and Marcel Bouraine, who became close friends and with whom he collaborated for much of his life. After completing his studies, he returned to France in 1919 and opened his own studio. Le Verrier was awarded a Gold Medal at the great Paris ‘Expostion des Arts Decoratifs’ of 1925 (whence the term ‘Art Deco’ was coined). In 1926, he opened a foundry, casting pieces for a wide range of French sculptors including Pierre Le Faguays, Marcel Bouraine, Janle, Denis and Charles.
His work is illustrated in Art Deco Sculpture, Arwas
Biblio: Art Deco Sculpture, Arwas; Art Deco Complete, Alistair Duncan

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